What You Should Do If You Want A Baby Boy

Do you know what to do if you want a baby boy?

It is amazing how many people want to know the answer, although many are too embarrassed to admit that they want to choose baby gender, and want to have a boy.

For hundreds of years people have searched for the formula for how to get pregnant with a boy, and this has led to the enormous amount of old wives tales that are followed even today.

Some cultures favor boys over girls and centuries ago followed the same plan, in order to conceive a son.

Precisely 14 days after the woman’s menstrual cycle began, they would have sexual intercourse. They didn’t really know why they were doing it, they just did it.

They did seem to produce more boys than girls, although the plan wasn’t fool proof.

The reason why it may have failed sometimes is because life isn’t always precise, and neither is the menstrual cycle.

Some women don’t ovulate every month, while some ovulate on day twelve or even day sixteen. In other words simply to have intercourse on the 14th day doesn’t guarantee that you are ovulating on that day.

To have the best chance of having a baby boy you need to get the timing to coincide with ovulation. But you’ll need to learn to predict ovulation by using a kit or thermometer.

So, it’s not exactly the 14th day that matters, it’s about having intercourse on the day of ovulation. That’s what to do if you want a baby boy.

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