What Are The Best Positions To Conceive A Baby Boy

Throughout the entire animal kingdom, of which we humans are a part, chromosomes dictate whether you are a girl (X) or a boy (Y) and whether you will conceive a boy or a girl.

For many years it was believed that we did not have the ability to conceive a child of the gender we would desire. Old wives tales were abundant and were tried by people to who wanted to choose to get pregnant with a boy or girl.

There were many reasons why people wanted to have a baby boy. The farmer with a lot of land had to have boys in order to help with the farm chores. Another gender choice would be made by couples with large one gender families that wanted a change.

The old wives would suggest positions that should be used to determine the gender of their child. Whether these positions that were suggested were ever tried is unknown since no one ever talked about their sexual lives with others and definitely not about the positions they used in this private life.

So how do we know, what are the best positions to conceive a baby boy?

Whether you want to conceive a boy or a girl we know that ovulation plays an important part. During ovulation the woman’s temperature is raised making conception easier. If you do not know how to calculate your days of ovulation you can buy an ovulation kit to help you to make that determination.

When you have determined the time of your ovulation then, in order to conceive a boy intercourse should take place at the appropriate time. The penetration during intercourse should be deep, in order to bring the male chromosome sperm to its destination, fertilize the egg and get pregnant with a boy.

Positions for deciding the gender of the baby has always been a possibility. The main aim is to use a deep penetration position, so that the male sperm have a shorter journey to travel before they meet the egg.

One position that is sometimes suggested in order to conceive a boy is the standard missionary position, where the woman is on the bottom and the man is on top. This position was approved by religious groups since intercourse was to be used only for procreation and not for pleasure hence the name “missionary position.”

These days we are not quite so inhibited, and are willing to try more adventurous positions that will offer deeper penetration. For instance, where the woman is on her knees and the man enters through the rear, spooning and various upright positions.

What are the best positions to conceive a baby boy? It is up to you to research them and make up your mind which you feel work the best for you.

Remember, along with the proper position eating a nutritional diet and a good exercise regimen adhered to faithfully is important, when you are trying to get pregnant and trying to conceive a baby boy.

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