The Secret To Conceiving A Baby Boy

There are many people who don’t realize that you can time intercourse to boost your chances of conceiving a baby boy. If you’d love to have a baby boy as part of your family, here is one way you can do it.

It was often presumed to be a myth, that Orthodox Jews conceived many more sons than daughters by following a secret method.

The secret method for conceiving a baby boy is claimed to have been followed for many centuries.

Sexual intercourse is avoided for precisely 2 weeks after the woman has her period. Then counting the last day of bleeding as day one, 14 days are counted. On the 14th day sexual intercourse should resume, as this boosts the chances for conceiving a baby boy.

Ovulation usually takes place on day 14 of a woman’s menstrual cycle. A man’s sperm dictates whether the resulting child will be a boy or girl. The semen contains male sperm which swim quickly but die quickly, and female sperm which swim slowly but live much longer.

Therefore if a woman has sexual intercourse some time before ovulation, by the time she actually ovulates, the male sperm will probably all be dead. However if she waits until ovulation is taking place, then the male sperm is much more likely to win the race and fertilize the egg.

Is the ‘Jewish’ method a myth for conceiving a baby boy?

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