How To Have A Boy – Your Options

There are many couples that want to know how to have a boy. They all have their own reasons, and thanks to research and technology they now have that ability to choose.

There are different options that you can take to get pregnant with a boy, and here are the main ones.

Clinical Methods

If funds are limitless you can opt for going down the medical path. A fertility clinic will separate Y chromosome (male) sperm from X chromosome (female) sperm, and implant the male sperm only. They could also do the full IVF procedure where they harvest your eggs and use only the separated male sperm to fertilize the egg.

The clinical route may well drain you financially as well as emotionally.

Medicinal Methods

There are many so called ‘natural’ medicines that are being sold as gender selection medicines. However anyone trying to conceive a baby should be very careful about taking medications, even if they are termed ‘natural’.

Also, many of these ‘natural’ medicines can cost over $100 at a time.

Natural Methods

There are safe natural methods using diet, timing, sexual positions etc., where no medication or medical intervention is involved.

Changing the diet, getting the timing right, and choosing the right sexual positions, can favor the male or female sperm, thereby pushing the odds in favor of conceiving a baby boy.

Personally I’d prefer no huge medical bills, no medical procedures, and no ‘natural’ medications.

I’d much rather use a method for how to have a boy that was safe, easy to follow, and wouldn’t cost the earth.

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