How To Have A Boy – Will Caffeine Help You Conceive A Baby Boy?

For hundreds of years and countless reasons, people have searched for methods for how to have a boy.

Gender selection has always been a controversial subject, as it will always continue to be.

Scientists have spent many years developing gender selection techniques, in order to help those where a genetically inherited disease is an issue.

As well as for medical reasons, religious, cultural, and economic reasons have all played a part in choosing the sex of a baby.

Nowadays many couples make a deliberate choice to have a small family, opting for having one or two children at the most. Therefore, the demand for choosing the gender of the baby is becoming even greater.

Amongst the many methods that are recommended for how to have a boy, is the caffeine method. This ‘conceive a baby boy’ method relies on the differences between the male and female sperm. The male sperm swim very fast, whereas the female sperm swim slowly.

The theory is that if the ‘father to be’ consumes a large amount of caffeine prior to sexual intercourse, then this will have an effect on the male sperm, causing them to swim even faster. The intended outcome being that you conceive a baby boy.

The problem with this theory is that it doesn’t explain how the coffee will make only the male sperm swim faster, and not have the same effect on the female sperm too!

Also, many fertility experts claim that a high intake in coffee and other products containing caffeine can actually reduce fertility.

So in my opinion, it would be totally unsafe to rely on this ‘get high on caffeine’ plan for how to have a boy.

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