How To Have A Boy Using The Cold Bath Method

There are countless old wives tales regarding how to have a boy, and millions of people say that they work.

We know that a man’s semen contains both female and male sperm. We also know that male sperm are not as strong as female sperm, and that male sperm tend to die more quickly and easily.

This information has allowed people to take various steps to sway the odds in their favor, and try to conceive a child of a specific gender.

What was once an old wives tale, for how to have a boy, has now become common advice from experts in the fertility field, for improving the chances of conceiving a baby of any gender.

It used to be said that couples wanting to conceive a boy, should make sure that the man always had a cold shower or bath before sexual intercourse. He should never ever have a hot bath or shower.

Then experts in fertility discovered that hot baths had a detrimental effect on sperm, actually lowering the sperm count. They advised that hot baths should be totally avoided whilst trying to conceive, and that men should keep their testicles as cool as possible to raise the sperm count.

As male sperm are weak, it makes perfect sense that having a hot bath would easily destroy them. Therefore having cold showers and baths should aid the male sperm and increase the sperm count.

There are many couples who claim that having a cold bath or shower was the only method they used in their successful ‘how to have a boy’ method.

Fortunately there are many more tried and tested ways other than ‘cold baths’ to help you conceive a baby boy!

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