How To Have A Boy Using An Ovulation Predictor Kit

Every day millions of couples want to know how to have a boy, and they search desperately for anything that will help them.

One method that’s frequently tried is timing intercourse to coincide with ovulation.

It is commonly known that the female sperm swim quite slowly but are resilient, and male sperm swim quickly but are quite weak and easily destroyed.

Therefore, in order to give the male sperm the opportunity to reach the egg first, and to fertilize it before the female sperm arrives, you need to time intercourse to coincide with ovulation.

Although ovulation occurs on average 14 days after the start of the menstrual cycle, many women ovulate at different times. This makes it necessary to find out when ovulation actually occurs, and to see if there is a stable pattern or if it varies from cycle to cycle.

There are various ways to try to detect when ovulation occurs, such as examining cervical mucus or using the temperature chart method. For decades these methods have been used by women trying to get pregnant.

A relatively new way to detect ovulation is with the use of an ovulation predictor kit. Prior to ovulation there is a surge in the hormone LH, and the kit can be used to detect the presence of this hormone in the urine. The surge is an indication that ovulation is imminent.

Once a pattern begins to emerge and you can determine ovulation, you can then time intercourse appropriately. This dramatically improves your chances of conceiving a baby boy.

To put the odds even more in your favor, it is highly recommended that you use more than one method when trying to conceive a baby boy.

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