How To Have A Boy – Things You Should Never Do

When you are trying to find out how to have a boy you’ll probably have a go at anything, within reason!

One of the latest diets that is being suggested for how to have a boy is the ‘sweet corn and zucchini’ diet.

Whilst it is known that changing your diet can influence whether you get pregnant with a boy or girl, it sounds quite bizarre that you should try to exist on a diet of sweet corn and zucchini.

What happens if you hate sweet corn, zucchini, or worse still both? Are you doomed, never to have a baby boy?

Everybody knows that you need to eat healthily, especially if you are planning to get pregnant. Even if you do change your diet to help you get pregnant with a baby boy, you still have a balance of vitamins and nutrients.

It just seems ludicrous to follow such a diet that contains only two foods. Although zucchini does contain some vitamins and minerals, sweet corn contains hardly any.

Apart from the fact that you’d get bored of eating the same thing all of the time, if you forced yourself to follow this diet, you wouldn’t be giving your body the balance of vitamins and minerals that it needs to stay healthy, let alone conceive a baby boy.

Vegetables may indeed be part of the diet to follow for conceiving a boy, but they’re not the only things you eat.

If you do want to try a diet for how to have a boy, I would urge you not to follow this sweet corn and zucchini diet as there are no benefits – it won’t work, and it’s certainly not good for your health!

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