How To Have A Boy – The Secret Revealed!

Did you know that there are methods used for how to have a boy that don’t cost the earth, and don’t involve using a gender selection clinic? For more information on conceiving a baby boy, just read on.

Determining ovulation improves the odds of conceiving a baby boy, and you’ll find out why very soon. The first step is to invest in a thermometer and an ovulation chart. Or you can find ovulation kits commonly available.

How To Have A Boy With The Thermometer And Chart Method

Record your basal body temperature on the first day of your period. Now continue to do the same thing every day, and watch for the rise in temperature. The rise in temperature indicates ovulation. Your temperature will remain high then drop, just before your next period. It may take a few cycles to discover when ovulation takes place.

Knowing when ovulation occurs makes conceiving a baby boy a lot simpler. The male sperm may swim fast, but they are quite weak, and the female sperm may swim slowly, but they are much stronger. To give the male sperm the opportunity of reaching the egg first, you need to have intercourse at the right time. Avoid having sexual intercourse until the day that you ovulate, then engage in intercourse both on the day you ovulate and the following day too.

This method for how to have a boy is very popular with some people.

How To Have A Boy With The Deep Penetration Method

Male sperm will benefit from being deposited nearer to the cervix where mucous isn’t so hostile, and their journey to the egg is also shortened. Deep penetration will deposit the sperm next to the cervix, and positions for intercourse such as the ‘woman on the top’ are best for this.

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