How To Have A Boy – Sexual Position Does Make A Difference

Why you want to know how to have a boy is personal to you, as there are many different reasons why people want to conceive a baby boy.

These days couples have different priorities when planning their family. They don’t have the same concerns as their ancestors who had numerous children hoping that at least some of them might survive. Instead they focus on quality of life, and that often means having only one or two children.

If a couple take the time to plan their family, taking into account important issues such as finances, etc., then it’s quite likely they may also want to plan the gender of the child or children that they have.

There are many theories concerning whether methods for how to have a boy actually work. The fact is, you just can’t generalize.

If someone told you to stand on your head for 30 minutes after sexual intercourse to conceive a boy, would you do it? Some might try it, and succeed. Some might try it, and fail. Some might try it, faint, bang their head and end up with concussion!

However various theories are based on information that has been discovered concerning the differences between the male and the female sperm. One such theory regards using specific sexual positions in order to conceive a baby boy.

The male sperm is weaker than the female sperm, and although it swims much faster, the male sperm will die sooner. Adopting a sexual position that allows deep penetration deposits the sperm nearer to the cervix and gives the fast swimming male sperm a chance to meet the egg first.

Therefore it would seem that sexual position can make a difference for how to have a boy.

The best advice would be to use multiple methods at the same time if you want to have a baby boy.

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