How To Have A Boy – Fact And Fiction

For centuries there have been stories about methods for how to have a boy.

Once it was thought that only the right testicle held male sperm, and it was only after the left testicle was removed and a daughter arrived that some couples had their doubts.

However, there were some men that would not be persuaded that their one remaining testicle had produced the daughter, and many a wife was accused of infidelity.

Unfortunately there were no DNA tests in those days to prove the parentage.

Thankfully, over the years scientific developments have allowed the whole subject of reproduction to be studied in great detail, and the crackpot theories and old wives tales have in the main been dismissed.

Methods for how to have a boy have been developed due to the expanding knowledge about the huge differences that exist between the male and female sperm.

One small part of a gender selection plan came about after it was discovered that male sperm had a shorter life span than female sperm. It was soon realized that when you’re trying to conceive a baby boy, you need to have the male sperm in the right place at the right time.

This involves simply confirming if and when you are ovulating, so that you can have sexual intercourse at the right time. In most cases it can be done fairly easily by using an ovulation predictor kit or taking the basal body temperature.

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