How To Have A Boy – A Tried And Tested Method

If you are planning on getting pregnant and are trying to find out how to have a boy, there’s a particular method which can be tried to help conceive a baby boy.

Many people presume that you must have intercourse as often as you can, if you want to conceive a boy, but it’s just not the case. It’s far better if a man is allowed to have a break, because this will enable his sperm count to rise again.

Many things can have an impact on the quality of a man’s sperm, including his diet and lifestyle. Therefore in order to produce the healthiest sperm possible, he may need to alter his habits.

Discovering how to have a boy becomes much simpler once you develop an understanding of what takes place at the time of conception. A woman carries the X chromosome and the man adds either a X or Y chromosome. If the man provides an X chromosome the woman will conceive a girl, but if he provides a Y chromosome sperm then she will conceive a boy.

Sperm tend to live anywhere between two and seven days, but this varies as female and male sperm have various differences. The girl (X chromosome) sperm are slow swimmers but are quite strong, whereas the boy (Y chromosome) sperm are fast swimmers but quite weak and easily die.

Therefore, in order to increase the boy sperm’s chances of reaching and fertilizing the egg, you will have to time sexual intercourse to coincide with ovulation.

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