How To Conceive A Baby Boy

For centuries people have been seeking the secret for how to conceive a baby boy.

The preference for conceiving a boy rather than a girl was often due to the high infant mortality rate, and the wish to have a son to carry on the family name.

Infertility is rising  with one in three couples having trouble conceiving, and this has led to more couples trying to ensure that when they do conceive they have a child of the preferred gender.

Also dating back centuries, old wives tales have existed about how to conceive a baby boy. Although some of these tales have a hint of truth in them, some are just silly, like keeping your socks on if you want to have a boy!

Others are just downright barbaric.

A prime example of this is a practice that was widely followed during the 18th Century.

In those days ‘experts’ said that the left testicle only contained female sperm, and that male sperm would only be found in the right testicle. A man would tie up his left testicle to prevent the release of female sperm. Couples were so desperate to conceive a ‘son and heir’, that the man would often have his left testicle amputated.

Luckily our knowledge has increased – we know much more about fertility, sperm, and conception, and that both testicles contain male and female sperm.

Having intercourse on the day of ovulation is a popular ‘how to conceive a baby boy’ method, and it’s much less painful too!

Forget all about those old wives tales and get pregnant with a baby boy

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