Conceiving A Boy – Simple Really

There are various methods to try if you have hopes of conceiving a boy, some of them are simple to follow and others involve outside involvement.

Here are two choices you might be contemplating and some important information on them.

First Choice – IVF

It is now possible to separate the male and female sperm, and use the male sperm to attempt fertilization of an egg. If the egg is fertilized it is then implanted, and hopefully a boy baby will be the result.

It sounds simple but putting aside the huge medical bills that are involved and the emotional turmoil, success rates are slightly daunting.

The results of a 2006 survey revealed that only 29% of woman aged less than 35 starting a traditional cycle of IVF would go on to have a live child.

By age 38 there would only be a 17% chance, and by the age of 40 only 10% would give birth to a live baby.

Bearing in mind that these cycles are for traditional treatment with no gender selection, sex selection may mean even lower chances of success.

Second Choice – The Simple Way

Years of research has enabled scientists to discover significant differences in male and female sperm.

Male sperm prefer one environment, while female sperm prefer another. Male sperm swim at a faster rate and need to be in the right place at the time of ovulation, because they have a shorter life span.

So diet, timing, and sexual position can all give the male sperm a head start to fertilize an egg.

I think you’ll agree that it’s a much more natural and less stressful way of conceiving a boy.

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