Conceiving A Boy – Avoid Cheese?

If you are considering following a diet for conceiving a boy, then you may have heard that you should avoid cheese?

Following a particular diet is known to have some benefits in conjunction with other methods, but why would you avoid a particular dairy product in order to get pregnant with a boy?

Why Avoid Cheese?

It can be a quite acidic form of dairy product, especially strong kinds such as cheddar or the cottage variety.

We already know that the male sperm do not cope well when they are in an acidic environment, and we also know that what you eat can alter the acidic levels in your body.

Therefore consuming acidic dairy products may raise the acidic levels in your body, which may then slow down or even destroy the male sperm.

Will It Work?

Although there are a great many people who claim to have had a boy after removing cheese from their diet, there is still no definitive proof that removing one single product will guarantee success.

The Conclusion

There have been many studies which show that a combination of foods, combined with other practices, can allow you to choose the gender of your baby.

A balanced diet combines the correct vitamins and minerals that are necessary to maintain good health, both in you and in your unborn child when you do conceive.

Therefore if you were to eliminate cheese from your diet for conceiving a boy, you’d need to make sure you weren’t missing out on some required valuable nutrients.

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