Conceiving A Boy And Astrology

One unproven method for conceiving a boy relates to astrology.

The ancient Babylonians believed that a woman’s fertility was based on the position of the moon. For many years that theory had gone untested.

In 1956 a Czechoslovakian psychiatrist by the name of Eugen Jonas decided to test this theory on a woman. Dr. Jonas was a Roman Catholic that was firmly against abortion. He decided to develop a method to help women that wanted to conceive a baby, as well as those that did not. That method is known as the rhythm method.

Since Dr. Jonas’ time many studies have been made. It is often believed that there is a link between fertility, astrology, and gender selection. This is of interest if you are looking for a way of conceiving a boy.

The method used is to measure the distance between the sun and moon on the date of your birth. If the moon was full then the distance between the sun and moon would be 180 degrees. You would then ovulate once a month when the sun and moon are 180 degrees apart.

Couples that have same sex children and want one of the opposite sex can rely on Lunar fertility. It is believed that a child’s sex is determined by the position of the moon at the time of conception. If the moon is in a positive zodiacal sign during conception you will conceive a son.

There is divided opinion on whether any of the theories made by Dr. Jonas actually work.

What most people would agree on is the fact that the system seems quite complicated, and there are much easier ways of conceiving a boy.

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