Conceiving A Baby Boy – Manipulating Your Success

Conceiving a baby boy or girl is partly decided by nature and which sperm reaches the egg first to fertilize it. However, there are certain steps that can be taken to sway the odds in your favor of getting pregnant with a boy or a girl.

A man’s semen contains both male (Y chromosome) and female (X chromosome) sperm. There are differences between the female sperm and the male sperm, and it is by focusing on these differences that we are able to influence things in our favor.

The male sperm have a short life span but they have the advantage of being able to swim very quickly. The female sperm may survive longer, but they swim rather more slowly. Male sperm are more easily affected by conditions such as acidic mucous, and anyone who wants to get pregnant with a boy can use this information to fulfill their wish.

So, in order to have a boy you need to help the male (Y chromosome) sperm reach the egg first. It’s as simple as that really, and this can be done in the following way.

You should have intercourse using a sexual position such as ‘doggy style’ as this will deposit the sperm close to the cervix where the mucous is less hostile. This means that the journey is much shorter and it enables the faster swimming male sperm to reach the egg first.

So that should be good news for all those with dreams of conceiving a baby boy as you can now manipulate your success.

For best results though, it makes sense to follow as many ‘how to have a boy’ methods as possible, all at the same time.

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