Advice When Trying To Conceive A Boy

There are methods that are recommended for trying to conceive a boy, and many include eating a particular diet.

One of the latest foods to be advocated for how to have a boy is baked beans. So what’s in them and do they have an effect on choosing the gender of your baby?

What Are They?

Haricot beans which are also known as the navy bean or pea bean are used to make the product we know as baked beans.

The bean is white and contains a wide range of minerals and vitamins. It contains protein and fiber which also promote well being.

Do They Work?

Diet is included in the plan for trying to conceive a boy because diet can have an effect on the acid/alkaline balance in the body, and male sperm are said to prefer an alkaline environment.

Baked beans are a non acidic food so it would make sense that they would be on the list of foods for how to have a boy.

Couples swear that they have given birth to a son after eating a diet which included a high amount of haricot beans, mostly in the form of baked beans.

Whether the beans worked or whether there were other factors involved is hard to determine. In depth studies would need to be carried out before there could be a definitive answer.

In depth studies have been done which show that diet can influence baby gender, so maybe it won’t be too long before someone proves that baked beans do or do not work when you’re trying to conceive a boy.

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