How To Get Pregnant With A Boy

Even in ancient times there were people who claimed to know how to get pregnant with a boy. Their ways to get pregnant often involved ingesting vile concoctions.

In trying to conceive a boy many women poisoned themselves by either eating or drinking mixtures that were promised to help getting pregnant, and some of them actually died.

In times when infant mortality was huge, many people thought that the only way to continue the family bloodline was to produce as many sons as possible. This led them to follow any advice given about fertility and how to get pregnant with a boy, and resort to incredible lengths such as amputating the left testicle. This was done due to the mistaken belief that male sperm would only be found in the right testicle and female sperm would only be found in the left testicle. This would be of no help getting pregnant.

Luckily those days are gone, and while many of the ridiculous myths and tips on getting pregnant are still believed, there are more reliable methods available for how to have a boy.

Everyone has their own reasons for wanting to know how to have a boy. Maybe they think it’s important to continue the family bloodline, or maybe they already have girls and would love to have a son. The main thing is that they do have options when trying to conceive a boy.

Thanks to modern technology we now know that there are ‘how to get pregnant with a boy’ methods available that don’t involve deliberate mutilation. Some methods of conceiving a baby boy involve using the medical profession, whereas other methods of conception are cheaper and therefore available to everyone.

How to have a boy the medical way involves going to a gender selection clinic. Success rates and costs vary tremendously, and if you choose this route, you need to make careful checks on the clinic you use for conceiving a baby boy.

Trying to conceive can be a very stressful time, and going through extreme medical procedures in order to conceive a boy can often add to the stress.

Cheaper methods for how to have a boy will involve things like determining ovulation, changing the diet to favor the male sperm, altering pH acidity levels, etc.

Ovulation predictor kits are often used to help getting pregnant, as are ovulation charts. They are even more important when choosing baby gender and trying to conceive a baby boy, so that you get the timing of intercourse just right.

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